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AGM Minutes - 5th March 2018

The regular meeting of the Fulford Ladies Invitation Tennis League was called to order at 7pm on 5th March 2018 in the Clubhouse, Fulford Tennis Club by the Chairperson, Pauline Craddock.

Pauline Craddock - Chair
Maggie Middleton - Treasurer
Pam Mason - Fixtures Secretary
Carolyn Taylor
Ellie Page - Results Secretary
Representatives from all Clubs participating in the League apart from the following:

Margaret Whitehead (York/Committee),
Sutton upon Derwent

A Agree minutes of previous AGM
The minutes of the AGM held on 7th March 2017 were approved.

B Reports
(a) Chair
The Chair thanked all members of the Committee for their work during the year, particularly Ellie for recording the results and checking players’ eligibility, Maggie for organising the accounts and the sponsors, Ryedale Brakes.

Division 1 - York 1 won their fifth title in succession although they did lose their first match in three year, to Pocklington. Dunnington finished as runners up.

Division 2 – David Lloyd 1 are back up to Division 1 after just one season in Division 2 where they will be joined by Wigginton. The top two teams were well ahead of the pack this season.

Division 3 – Pocklington 2 are promoted to Division 2 as champions and David Lloyd 2 will join them in Division 2 for the first time.

Division 4 – Boston Spa 2 took the title, ten points clear of second placed Bishopthorpe 2.

Division 5 – Wigginton 2 secured the title after coming close in previous seasons, Riccall are promoted alongside them.

Division 6 – Copmanthorpe 2 won the league, the only team with a 100% win record. Poppleton 3 just beat Knaresborough to the second promotion slot.

Division 7 – York 3 won promotion in their first season in the league. Rufforth, who finished bottom the previous season, are also promoted.

Wendy Stirke won the Terry Haw trophy for the most games scored by an individual player by taking 355 games.

The Chair reminded Team Captains about some issues to bear in mind which would help smooth running of the season.

- Please confirm and check match start times, the web site isn’t always up to date if times have been changed.

- Use common sense if conditions deteriorate during a match - all players must feel safe.

- Respect your opponents, play matches in a fair and competitive spirit, but please always respect your opponents and team mates.

(b) Treasurer
The Treasurer distributed copies of the annual report showing an income of £566 for year ending February 2018. Income comprised fees, sponsorship and late score card fines. Expenditure totalled £516.68 leaving a balance of £49.32 for the year. The primary expense are the web host fees at £221.97. It was noted that the reason this continues to rise may be due to the exchange rate fluctuation.

(c) Results/Eligibility Secretary
The Results Secretary confirmed she had issued five fines this year, one for a late scorecard and four for illegible cards. This is much better than the previous year which is appreciated and makes the job much easier.

C Election and/or re-election of Committee Members
The Chair was unopposed for re-election, and the current Chair agreed to be re-elected for the coming year.

Members presently on the Committee and in attendance at the AGM agreed to stay in post and with no one else coming forward to take on a role, these members were voted to remain on the Committee.

All these re-elections were proposed by Chris Howat from Appleton Roebuck and seconded by Carol Rees from Knaresborough.

D IT Sports and Beryl Bean Trophies - select dates for tournaments and volunteers to organise
The Chair reported both the IT and IT Too tournaments were hosted by Fulford, with Wigginton holding the Beryl Bean tournament. Seven couples took part in the IT Sports and sixteen couples in the IT Too version. Both events were very successful and enjoyable with a high standard of tennis from all participants.

The winners of the IT Sports trophy were Jill Le Pla and Siobhan Gilfillan from York while Jane Wallace and Elizabeth Mallory won the IT Too tournament. Sue Espiner and Denise Crane from Wigginton took the Beryl Bean trophy.

The Chair proposed altering the formation of the IT and IT Too tournaments for 2018 with the Divisions 1 to 3 taking part in the IT Sports with Divisions 4 to 7 contesting the IT Too tournament.

The proposal was agreed by the majority with one against.

Thoughts turned to this year’s competitions and Kathryn Place from York volunteered to host the IT Sports tournament with both Helen Gray of Heworth and Carol Rees from Knaresborough offering to check with their respective clubs if they will run the IT Too tournament.

The Beryl Bean trophy will once again be hosted by Wigginton.

If a club wishes to offer their facilities please contact the Chair on ladieschairperson@yorktennisleague.co.uk

E Fees for the coming season
It was agreed that the fees would remain at £8.

F Consideration of any proposed amendments to the Constitution and League Rules, of which the appropriate notice has been given.
No items raised in 2018.

G Consideration of any new applications for membership
A request has been made by Rufforth to enter a third team in the League. The team was admitted to the League following a unanimous vote.

H Formation of divisions for the forthcoming season
The Chair put forward the suggested that, as Rufforth’s third team has now been accepted into the League, division 7 be increased to 7 teams.

Divisions will be organized as follows:

Division 5 - 7 teams

Division 6 - 7 teams

Division 7 - 7 teams

Fixtures are virtually completed and will be sent shortly along with email contact details of captains.

I Sponsorship
Ryedale Brakes from Malton have generously agreed to sponsor the League for another season.

J AOB/Other matters of which prior notice of 21 days has been served
• The Chair advised that clubs hosting evening matches should make use of their floodlights if light deteriorates and they are available.

• Royal Wedding weekend (19th/20th May) – there will be no “free” weekend scheduled it but it is possible to rearrange fixtures. It was requested that captains let the Chair know, pre-season if possible, if a change has been agreed with an opposing captain.

• Introduction of `Pink Theme’ weekend to raise awareness/fundraising for breast cancer – The Chair proposed this be a regular feature over the first full weekend in July which whichever team is hosting the match could organise (it could be as simple as a small raffle). Funds raised should be submitted directly to a Breast Cancer charity and it was requested the Chair be advised of the amount to enable her to compile a total. Clubs were also asked to send in photos of their event.

• Ladies Singles – informal games for division one & two players. Jo Middleton from Fulford is keen to play Ladies Singles, a flyer was handed out for distribution in clubhouses.

• An informal discussion was held regarding introducing a break in the season during school holidays. Concerns were raised over extending the season although it was pointed out it would be in line with the men’s league. It was noted that Divisions 5, 6 and 7 will get spare weeks during the season. There was no conclusion to the discussion but attendees were reminded that if a change was to be introduced for next season it would need to be formally proposed.

Following the Raffle Draw (in aid of British Heart Foundation, which together with fines, this year raised £77.50), the Chair thanked everyone for attending and wished them an enjoyable and successful season.