Fulford Ladies Invitation Tennis League

Division 4

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League table

Rowntree Park 1981069527717
David Lloyd 393244784948
Sutton Upon Derwent73043783786
Rufforth 282154204445
New Earswick83053095025
Bishopthorpe 282063035614


Fixtures & results

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DateTimeHome teamResultAway teamScore
Saturday 23 April9:30Rufforth 25355David Lloyd 3View
Saturday 23 April10:00Tollerton6048Sutton Upon DerwentView
Sunday 24 April14:00Rowntree Park 19117New EarswickView
Saturday 30 April9:30Bishopthorpe 23375Rufforth 2View
Saturday 30 April10:00New Earswick5652TollertonView
Saturday 30 April14:00David Lloyd 33870Rowntree Park 1View
Saturday 7 May10:00Sutton Upon Derwent6444New EarswickView
Saturday 7 May10:00Tollerton5751David Lloyd 3View
Sunday 8 May14:00Rowntree Park 17731Bishopthorpe 2View
Saturday 14 May9:30Bishopthorpe 23969TollertonView
Saturday 14 May14:00David Lloyd 35850Sutton Upon DerwentView
Sunday 15 May13:00Rufforth 23177Rowntree Park 1View
Saturday 21 May10:00New Earswick5652David Lloyd 3View
Saturday 21 May10:00Sutton Upon Derwent6939Bishopthorpe 2View
Saturday 21 May10:00Tollerton5751Rufforth 2View
Saturday 28 May9:30Bishopthorpe 25850New EarswickView
Sunday 29 May13:00Rufforth 25850Sutton Upon DerwentView
Sunday 29 May14:00Rowntree Park 15454TollertonView
Saturday 11 June10:00New Earswick6345Rufforth 2View
Saturday 11 June10:00Sutton Upon Derwent2781Rowntree Park 1View
Saturday 11 June14:00David Lloyd 38226Bishopthorpe 2View
Saturday 18 June10:00New Earswick2385Rowntree Park 1View
Saturday 18 June10:00Sutton Upon Derwent7038TollertonView
Saturday 18 June14:00David Lloyd 35454Rufforth 2View
Saturday 25 June10:00Tollerton550New EarswickView
Sunday 26 June13:00Rufforth 25355Bishopthorpe 2View
Sunday 26 June14:00Rowntree Park 17434David Lloyd 3View
Saturday 2 July9:30Bishopthorpe 22286Rowntree Park 1View
Saturday 2 July14:00David Lloyd 35454TollertonView
TBANew Earswick--Sutton Upon Derwent
Saturday 9 July10:00Sutton Upon Derwent--David Lloyd 3
Saturday 9 July10:00Tollerton--Bishopthorpe 2
Sunday 10 July14:00Rowntree Park 1--Rufforth 2
Saturday 16 July9:30Bishopthorpe 2--Sutton Upon Derwent
Saturday 16 July9:30Rufforth 2--Tollerton
Saturday 16 July14:00David Lloyd 3--New Earswick
Saturday 23 July10:00New Earswick--Bishopthorpe 2
Saturday 23 July10:00Sutton Upon Derwent--Rufforth 2
Saturday 23 July10:00Tollerton--Rowntree Park 1
Saturday 30 July9:30Bishopthorpe 2--David Lloyd 3
Saturday 30 July9:30Rufforth 2--New Earswick
Sunday 31 July14:00Rowntree Park 1--Sutton Upon Derwent

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