Fulford Ladies Invitation Tennis League


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1. Dates for matches as fixture list. There are extra weeks at the end of the season for re-arranged matches. Matches clashing with a bank holiday or other exceptional circumstances must be re-arranged before the season starts. If matches clash with an evening mixed match, a captain can ask for the match to be rescheduled and must be offered alternative dates by the home captain before the season starts. The League secretary should be notified of any changes.

2. Teams to consist of three couples with each couple playing 12 games against each opposing couple.

3. Usual L.T.A. Rules apply.

4. Teams to play home and away fixtures.

5. Clubs with two or more teams must nominate four players in their first and second or third team before the season starts, or the first score card received by the Eligibility Analyst will commit the players to that team they have represented. A player may play up twice to help out without losing her place in the lower team.

6. Promotion and relegation each season will usually be two up and two down. Committee to decide if the League is to be made up of 7 or 8 teams. This could change if teams drop out or extra teams are accepted into the League.

7. Clubs with more than one team in the same division will play each other as early as possible in the season as fixtures allow.

8. Matches to be played from third week in April. Matches cannot be cancelled during the season unless bad weather or other exceptional circumstances occur for cancelling a match. These circumstances have to be decided by the League Secretary, and additional Committee Members. (This does not include injury or illness). Matches to be scheduled to be played over a weekend (Saturday or Sunday), if clubs want to schedule their matches to be played at any other time, this must be proposed and voted on at the AGM. (Excludes clubs that currently play their matches at other times and any rearranged matches.) A blank /fixture free weekend will usually be set at the end of May to allow for rescheduling of matches. Matches to be completed by 31st August unless exceptional circumstances exist as agreed by the committee.

9. If a home match has to be cancelled due to bad weather, or exceptional circumstances, it can be played at the away venue if both captains agree. Both captains need to be in agreement if cancelling a match when play has commenced if safety/poor conditions affect the play.

10. If it rains during a match and there is a winning score (one team has 55 or more games) then the remainder of games shall be split. If there is no winning score then the match should be rearranged. The home captain must offer the opposing captain up to three dates within two weeks of the original match date to replay the match, one of which must be a weekend when neither team has a scheduled match. If dates are not offered within this period, the home team will be deemed to have conceded the match. The Results secretary should be informed of the new match date.

11. Home captains can call matches off if their courts are unplayable before the away team has set off.

12. Clubs with a county player can only play for their first team regardless of which division they are in.

13. Teams conceding matches will have one point deducted from their total. Their opponents will be awarded two league points only. lf there is a tie at the end of the season, games will be awarded to the team who had the match conceded against them in accordance with the following formula: i) 55 games or ii) The average number of games won over the whole season iii) The games won in the equivalent fixture, if played that season. Note: The most favourable of the above will apply.

14. Players must be fully paid up members of their club which is registered in the Fulford Ladies Invitation Tennis League to be eligible for matches. If a captain informs us at some point of a player who is not eligible to play, then the Eligibility Analyst, will deduct the games from that pairing and the games will be given to the other team.

15. All players should be on court and ready to play at the published start time of a match. (There should be a warm up after which match play should begin). Any players who are not on court at the start time, can play on arrival but must finish when the other two rubbers are completed, (in most cases it will be the second of the two rubbers, in exceptional circumstances it may be when the first rubber has completed). Pairs should be made up from those available to play, irrespective of prior selection. All remaining unfinished games will be awarded to the team who were ready to play at the start of the match. In the event of a whole team arriving late, due to mistaking the agreed start time, the opposing team, can if they wish, claim games at the rate of one rubber per hour or prorate from 15 minutes after the published start time. If there are mitigating circumstances, such as traffic issues, which result in a team arriving late, but the team had under normal conditions allowed enough travel time, games should not be claimed but if there are time constraints, any remaining games could be shared at the end of play. Both team captains should be prepared to resolve issues of late arrival in a convivial manner.

16. New teams/Clubs will not be accepted into the Fulford Ladies lnvitation Tennis League if they are outside the 12 mile radius of York, unless their admission into the league is proposed and accepted at the AGM. (excludes clubs already in the league).

17. Transfer from one club to another. The player herself must notify the Eligibility Analyst and the League Secretary, if she intends to transfer between clubs during the season. After notification, she may continue to play for her current club for the period of transfer which will be 28 days from when the League was informed. In exceptional circumstances, this period may be flexible if approved by the committee. A player may only make one transfer per season.

18. Results. Scorecards to be received within a week of the match so that the League tables can be kept up to date. Eligibility Analyst to be informed of postponed/cancelled matches ASAP. This is the home team’s responsibility. Clubs will be fined if scorecards are late, incorrect or incomplete.

19. If a nominated captain/contact will not be available on the day of a match, an alternative contact number must be provided beforehand to the opposition. Captains should aim to reconfirm match details before each fixture.

20. If a team fields an ineligible player, (such as a player nominated for a higher team, playing in a lower team or a player that has played in a higher team on more than two occasions), all her and her partner’s games will be awarded to the opposition.

21. At the end of the season, if any teams are tied on points, placing shall be determined as follows: - On the difference between games won and games lost, if these are equal - On the games difference from the fixtures between the equally placed teams. If these are also equal - On the total number of rubbers won from the fixtures between the equally placed teams.

22. The home team must ensure that a copy of these rules is either displayed in the clubhouse or is available for consultation before and/or during any match.

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